Getting Started
Member Statuses
Operational is the status for all of your trained members. These members are considered part of your response team.
Non-Operational is the status for members who assist behind the scenes such as Administrators. This status can also be used for members whom are off-duty for an extended period of time or are Probationary.
Retired is the status for members of your team that have retired. If a member is moved to this status their access is also removed. See Retirement Reasons.
Observer is the status for members that can be given permission to sign into a team but will never appear in attendance lists, will never get email alerts and will never get a weekly briefing. They will only have access to log in and view the same data as an individual with Member Permission without being included in the day-to-day administration of your team.
We do not advise deleting members, instead we advise you move them into Retired status. This way you will not lose any data linked to them.
It is possible to customize your Member Statuses.
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