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Welcome to our knowledge base and documentation.
Welcome to the D4H Knowledge Base. This is a repository for informational and support articles relating to our four products: Personnel & Training, Equipment Management, Incident Management, and Incident Reporting. If you are looking for a particular topic, use the
Search function in the top right. For general information, check out our guides below.
You have a duty to respond to emergencies; we have a duty to innovate - to keep improving our software using the latest technologies available. We are regularly updating our software to meet the complex and ever-evolving needs of emergency response groups, so check back regularly for information on how to use these new features as they are added.

Quick Start User Guide

It is easy for new users to get started with D4H. If you have received an invite from your organization to join D4H, read our Quick Start Guide to learn how to set up your account.

Administrator Guides

If you are an administrator for your organization, check out the product guides below to find information about configuring and using your account.

Product Updates & Release Notes

See our release notes for information about product updates and new features.

Live Status Page

See our status page to see a live status of the operational status of all our products and regions.
To subscribe to the Service Status scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you can enter your email to get an email update every-time the service goes down / resolves, and also get updates on any manually reported service degradation or maintenance periods.

Help Desk

Our help desk is monitored by our technical support experts 24/7. When emailing, please include the name of your organization.

Open A Support Ticket

If you need individual help, please create a support ticket by emailing the D4H Help Desk at [email protected]. We will respond promptly.

Add Products And Upgrade Your Plan

For pricing, sales, demos, and upgrades please contact your account manager directly, or email [email protected] to reach our Commercial Team.

Billing & Finance

If you have a question about your bill payments, invoicing, purchase order or finance, please contact [email protected].