Getting Started
Sending a message
To send a message:
  • Go to Logistics and Communications
  • Select the relevant channels (Email, Voice*, or Text Message*) which are listed near the top of the Send Message page. (Voice and Text depend on your provider)
Paid services such as text messages and voice require Editor level
  • Choose the recipients to whom you would like to send the message
Recipients can be chosen by group, a type of member (e.g. all operational members), individually or any combination of these. For example, the Hazmat team may be required at an exercise and a non-operational team member who has an administration function may be required to attend and document the exercise.
  • Type your message in the box. If only the email channel is chosen, there will be the option to enter a Subject also.
  • Click Send Message
  • A notification will pop up indicating the amount of messages being sent and what channels they are being sent by
If a member's name appears in red, this means the member does not have a valid email address and it must be updated before you can send an email to them.
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