Control Room

The Control Room shows all ongoing incidents in one location and facilitates multi-incident management. Examples of where it can be used include EOCs, security centers, and command posts. To access it, click Control Room on your Channels page.
The main sections of the Control Room are:


You can quickly move between different incidents within the Control Room. Double click on an incident to view it. Within each incident, you can update both the Situation Report and Incident Log without leaving the Control Room interface.
Incident Log
Within an Incident, click on the speech bubble icon in the top right corner to open the Incident Log panel.
Enter Channel
If an incident further evolves and requires more functionality, within an Incident you can press Enter Channel to enter the full channel as normal.


View the Control Room log in the Updates section. Use this area to share announcements and general information with other incident managers. Click on the All tab to view a full audit trail of the Control Room.


Store important documents and links for future reference in the Library. You can create folders to organize these items. Any documents added in Collections will automatically be added to the Library here.


Past incidents appear here, but will be deleted out of the system after a certain period of time. Download the available archive for your records by clicking the box icon. If you have our Incident Reporting product, make sure the bar chart icon has a green tick next to it indicating it has been synced across.You can reactivate any of these incidents by going to More Options [⋮] and clicking Re-activate.
It is now possible to assign a unique ref to your incidents.

Using the Control Room

Don't see the control button? Contact us at [email protected] to request it.