Getting Started
Location Bundles (Equipment Management)
The bundle field allows you to group locations together, see examples listed below. This is useful if you have several storage locations in one area, you can group them under the one 'bundle'. The purpose of the bundle is simply a way to organize your locations.
Locations in that bundle
Radio Tower
Radio Tower - Banff
Radio Tower - Revelstoke
Station 1
Station 2
Station 3
Building A
Locker Room
Storage Room A
Storage Room B
Vehicle Bay
To create a new location bundle, simply put your cursor in the 'Bundle' drop down field when you create the new location and type the name you want the bundle to have. It will add it as a new bundle once you click save changes at the bottom of the screen. If you leave the bundle field blank, your new location will appear under a section titled 'Other Locations' at the bottom of the location list.
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