Getting Started
Track Equipment Usage
When adding or editing an activity, you will be able to track the equipment used on the activity. You can do this from the Equipment tab highlighted below in green:
To select items as used:
  • Drag & Drop items from the left side to the right side with your mouse
  • Or place the cursor in the barcode entry box and use an attached barcode scanner to select items automatically
  • Once moved to the right side you can click to edit the number of hours, items used, or add mileage for each item
  • Use the filter box on the left to filter the results to quickly find what you need
  • Change the amount of hours on the right side before you drag & drop to pre-set them for everything
  • Tick 'Include Contents' on the right side to also bulk-add all the contents of the item, e.g. a vehicle where everything stored in the vehicle was used on the activity
  • Click finished on the activity report to save it and then approve it
  • Now the usage will appear on the items of equipment
  • Click on the Times Used to open a list of all activities it was used on
  • If a disposable piece of equipment was used on an activity, the quantity of this item will now be reduced by the quantity used on the activity
  • You can also view how many times the supply was used and on what activity by going directly to the item
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