Getting Started
Setting Attendance Periods on an Activity

Setting individual attendance hours on an activity

Attendance hours for an individual member can be edited for an activity from the Attendance tab.
  • You will see each member's individual activity attendance period to the right of their name on the Attendance screen
  • Click on the attendance period to edit the number of hours that member was in attendance
  • Click Update Selected

Adding multi-period attendances

Multiple attendance periods can be created for individual members or multiple members from within the Attendance tab in an activity. This function is used to help track members who held multiple roles within an activity or where members may have attended multiple times over the period. Additional attendance period for an individual member:
  • On the attendance tab select the check box next to the members name
  • Then select the
    duplicate icon
  • A second attendance period will be created for that member and you can update the From/To period as usual
Additional attendance period for multiple members:
  • Select the members using the checkbox beside each name
  • Select Duplicate from the bulk action drop down menu
  • This will create an additional attendance period for each member selected
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Adding multi-period attendances