Getting Started
Editing an on/off-call period


To edit or delete your on/off call:
  • Go to the On-Call Planner
  • Locate the period you wish to delete and click Edit
  • From here you can edit the date/time of your on/off call period
  • If you wish to delete it, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the red Delete button.


To edit or delete your on/off call:
  • Locate the period you wish to edit.
    • If the dates are within the same month you will see the scheduled time on the landing page.
    • If the dates are outside of the current month you will need to find the scheduled time using the
      Hamburger Menu > Calendar then the <> arrows until you find the month.
  • From either the landing page or from the calendar view click on the scheduled date.
  • Click on the
    Hamburger Menu on the top left of the screen.
  • Select
    Trash and then Confirm.
  • Add new dates by going back to the main menu on the mobile app and clicking on Update next to Your Availability.
You cannot Edit an existing On/Off-Call Period from the Mobile App, this can only be done in the Web version. In the Mobile App you are only able to Delete and then Add a new entry.
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