Getting Started
Adding Communication Providers


Follow the below instructions to add a Communication provider to your Personnel & Training account.
  • Click on Settings
  • Under Modules select Communications
  • Click Add Provider

Connect Rocket


A Twilio account must be set up first. Please note that it must be a full Twilio account, not a trial account. The Account SID and Auth Token must be entered on the registration page in the Communications module. This information can be found on the Twilio account dashboard. We will use these details to purchase a phone number for you and send messages and calls through your account. Once this information has been inputted, select the country in which your team operates from the dropdown list and input the area code, if applicable. Then click Search Available Numbers.... This will give a list of the available numbers and one can be selected. Next, click Purchase Number. Select the channels which you would like to use Twilio for and set a prefix that your team will recognize.
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Connect Rocket