User Settings
This article explains how you can adjust some of your user settings in your Incident Management account.
To access the User Settings:
  • The Member must log into their Incident Management account
  • Click on the green ⇅ in the top right hand corner.
  • Go to User Settings


You can turn on/off the following settings:
  • Enable Desktop Notifications
  • Play a sound when I receive a notification
  • Notify me when a user join or leaves the current channel

User Details

Here you can update your personnel and account details:
Personnel Details
  • Update Name
  • Contact Email (this is the email used to receive Organization-wide notifications)
User Account Details
  • Update Username
  • Account Email (this is the email used to receive password resets and it's shared between all Organizations you are a member of)

Connected Accounts

Change Password

You can change your login password here
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User Details
Connected Accounts
Change Password