Getting Started
Filtering the Log to a Role


In Updates, you are able to filter the log posts to display only posts relating to a particular role or team. To do this go to Updates in your Incident Management account
  • Click the filter icon
  • Type in the name of the team or role to the filter box
  • Click OK
  • All log posts now displayed will relate to the role you have selected
  • If you want to filter it to posts relating to a team, you would type the name of the team into the search box and then click OK
You can also filter the log from the Roles module directly. To do this go to Roles
  • Click on the log
    to open the Roles log
  • You will see all log posts against all roles
  • To filter the log to a role double click into any of the roles
  • The log will display only posts related to that role
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