Troubleshooting 'A play failed to run'
This page pertains to the following error message in D4H Incident Management 'A play failed to run. Some items could not be reported. Please contact support'. This error indicates that some items from the Play could not be imported into the Incident. This could result in missing tasks, resources, roles, etc.
If your play failed to run, review the areas of your account below:
  • Form Templates: A play may fail to run because a form template has been deleted for a form that is included in a play.
  • Collections: Check to make sure that all the items included in your play are still available in collections. Attempting to import deleted items into a play can cause an error to occur.
Incident Managers can silence the error message by clicking on the exclamation point next to the incident runtime counter and selecting 'Dismiss Error'.
Remember that dismissing the error message does not mean that the issue is resolved.
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