Including Collections in a Play


Within Incident Management, it is possible to create and store pre-loaded content in collections. This content can be added to a play so that it is available when you start a new event or incident. For example, to add a team and the respective roles to your play follow the steps below
  • Now all teams and roles that you have created in collections are available for you to add
  • Simply tick the box next to the team(s) you want to include in the play, click on the arrow to move them across and Accept
You can pre-load content in collections for all of the modules shown below. To add the content to your play, simply click the [Select items] button next to the module name.

Pre-assigning Roles in a Play

For example, this is how you would pre-assign roles:
  • Click Select items next to the Personnel & Roles module
  • Expand the team
  • Select an individual from the Assign personnel drop down menu to pre-assign this role to that person
  • Click Accept
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page
  • Whenever this play is selected when opening a new channel, the role will already be assigned to the individual in the Roles module in your channel
The checkbox 'Import all remaining personnel into the ____ team' means all personnel that were not assigned a Role in the play will be imported in the specified team. This will cause all personnel from your collections to be imported into the channel. Do not tick this if you do not want all personnel to have access to any channel that is started by selecting this play.
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Pre-assigning Roles in a Play