The Personnel module in your Incident Management account is where you will see a list of all your personnel who have access to that channel. You can see who is currently online from this screen. Anyone who is online will have a
green dot next to their name and anyone who is offline will have a
grey dot.
You can also assign a role to a member during an event / incident from this screen.


Personnel have a Template which outlines the layout of the form behind it, and which columns should display on the list view. There is only one Personnel template for all of your channels across your Incident Management account.


Collections are used to pre-load data into the Personnel module. This is where you will add your personnel to create their D4H Incident Management account and assign them a permission profile.

Using Personnel

When you open a new channel you can add in teams and roles on the fly or you can import them from collections. Or you could start your channel with a Play that includes the teams and roles required for that type of incident / event.