Getting Started
Configuring the Channel Statuses


You can configure the Status field on your Situation Report to list the statuses that you currently use when logging an incident / event.
  • Go to the Admin Area
  • Open Settings > Channel statuses
  • Click New channel status

Name (Required)

This is the status name that will appear in the drop down field on the SITREP and it will appear in the top panel of the open incident / event.

Unique name (Required)

The unique name is auto-generated.

Setting a Color (Optional)

There are a set number of colours to choose from. The status will display in this colour font on your SITREP.

Description (Optional)

You can add a brief description about the status.
Ideas for your Statuses:
  • Alert
  • Level-1 Emergency
  • Level-2 Emergency
  • Training Only
  • EOC Level 1
  • EOC Level 2
  • EOC Level 3
  • EOC Level 4
  • Level 1 Hazmat
  • Level 2 Hazmat
  • Level 3 Hazmat


  • To change the channel status in the mobile app click on No Status
  • Choose the status from your configured statuses and click Save
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Name (Required)
Unique name (Required)
Setting a Color (Optional)
Description (Optional)