Templates are the form templates behind each module. They can be customized allowing you to easily create tools that meet the specific needs of any response. To customize a template or create a new one, first open the Admin Area of your Incident Management account, then navigate to Templates and select the template type you wish to customize or create. You can edit the layout of the forms and select which columns should display on the list view. Below are the different template types. To configure the templates you will use the Form Builder


The "Situation" is the first page you will be directed to after opening a new channel. The situation contains specific information about the channel such as the event name, status, location, start & finish time and any other information you feel is important. There will only be one Situation template in your Incident Management account and this will be the form visible in all channels.


You can add data fields specific to the personnel in the channel such as Time In/Out, Roles, and Assigned Tasks.


You can customize the roles displayed in the channel based on the organizational structure of your organization such as Incident Commander, Captain, Team Leader or Officer In Charge.
Status Boards allow you to create your own tools which will display data on the Dashboard such as Infrastructure Conditions, Damage Costs, Resource Requests, or Team Assignments.


Tasks that need to be completed are easily tracked by using the default tasks template. You can also create your own to track specific types of tasks such as infrastructure inspections or activation checklists.


You can quickly and easily replicate paper forms that your organization utilizes allowing simple completion in an online, collaborative and completely auditable environment such as ICS forms, a meeting schedule, action plan, executive summary etc.
When updating a template, the changes happen in real time. You will need to be careful if you have an open channel as the form may be in use. If you edit it in the Admin Area, it could remove data that has been entered on the form in an open channel.